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Oso Bayxix is an adult control app developed by moms and dads that allow you to from another location manage, schedule and block apps on your child's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch gadgets.
Providing a child, a mobile phone can be a source of relief and disappointment for moms and dads. It is crucial that kids can interact with their moms and dads but mobile phones can be sidetracking. Current research studies recommend that kids and teens are investing as much as 9 hours a day on numerous kinds of media, this is certainly a mind-boggling number.

As innovation advances, moms and dads require chances to stay up to date with how their kids are engaging with it. We understood that moms and dads required a way to maintain without invading their kids resides in an unfavorable way. We saw keeping track of phone use as an essential way to enhance parenting. Our Business is our option to that issue.